2014 CIQ's


Commodity Listing

Art Supplies
Athletic Supplies
Chemical Products and Services
Classroom Teaching Supplies
Curriculum, Instructional, Assessment and Intervention Materials and Supplies
Elevators & Other Related Services
E-Rate Telecommunications Services
Food Services Supplies
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment (FFE) and Related Items
Graduation, Yearbooks and Commemorative Items
Head Start Child Management Software (Addendum 1)
IDIQ Athletic (Indoor/Outdoor) Surfaces
IDIQ Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
IDIQ Roofing, Waterproofing and Moisture Control

Janitorial Products and Services
Janitorial Supplies
Medical Supplies
Musical Instruments, Equipment and Supplies
Office Supplies
Office Supplies and Related Items
Playground Equipment
Rental, Lease or Purchase of Copiers
Safe School Alerts System
Supplemental Online Tutoring
Technology Product and Services
Technology Supplies
Time Workshop Management
Vocational Products and Services

Prospective Vendor Listing
5Works, Inc.
ABI Digital Solutions
Adamik, Patricia (Patty Adamik Health Through Movement)
Adamik, Patty (Health Through Movement)
Adolfo's Printing
Aguirre, Robert T.
All Source Security Container USA
Any Occasion Party Rental
Armour, Marilyn
Atlas Universal Inc.
Bits Technical Corporation
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, Inc.
Burlington English Inc.
Busch, Steven D.
Canalito, Lee John (Lee Canalito's VIP Boxing Club)
CBT Nuggets, LLC
Center for Houston's Future
Certified Fire Protection
Clark, Gloria J.
Clear Channel Outdoor
Club Colors Buyer LLC
College Community Career Inc.
Community Learning LLC
Conference Systems
Cooper, Stephen W. (Safety Administrative Services)
CurbGames, LLC
Dale, Breanne C.
Dance Austin Studio
Data Management Inc.
Deaver-Oxford, Amanda (L.A.D.I.E. Amore')
Dinah Might Adventures, LP
Dixon, Alban G. (Quest Learning Institute)
E-Complete, LLC.
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
Equal Opportunity Employment Journal, Inc.
Family Point Resources
Fenner, Mark (Rise Performance Group)
Fenner, Mark D. (Rise Performance Group)
For Houston's Kids
Forrester School, LLC
Forum for Youth Investment
Franks, Stevee Marie
Frogge, Stephanie Jean
Gaimon, Valerie
George Patton Associates Inc. (Displays2Go)
Go Cart Go, LLC (Track 21 Indoor Karting)
Gomez, Matthew
Hawkins, Marquis
Houston Freightliner Inc.
Hynson, Jevon
Initiatives for All
Integrity Distribution
Intent Digital LLC
JJ Cleaning Services
JPS Graphics Corporation
JSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Kids Included Together
Lampo Group, Inc.

  Learning Wrap-Ups Inc.
  Learning Zone Xpress
  LINC Houston
  Lingua Health LLC
  Lions Quest
  Littler Mendelson, PC
  Litwin, Eric
  LSI Computers
  LunchBox Kids, LLC
  M Space Holding, LLC
  MacNeil, Angus (Education Evaluation Systems)
  Making it Better
  Mango Math Group LLC
  Matulich, William J.
  Meehan, Richard
  Millennium Project Solutions, Inc.
  Millennium Research Inc. (Vorizon Labs)
  Mindworks Resources
  MLN Service Company
  Moak, Casey & Associates, Inc.
  Morgan, Damian
  Morgan, Dorothy Lam
  Motorola Solutions Inc.
  National Summer Learning Association
  Northeast Cultural Arts Council (NE-CAC)
  Patton, Sherwynn (Life Anew Restorative Justice)
  PCS Edventures!.com Inc.
  Pediavision Holdings LLC
  Performance Learning Systems Inc.
  Playbooks Reader's Theater
  PMB Precision Medical Billing, Inc.
  Quinn, Daniel
  Refresh Elements, LLC
  Reyes, Patricia A.
  Rico, Robert G
  Riebel, Arianne Louise
  Robinson III, Richard E.
  Ruth Turner & Associates LLC
  Seebridge Media LLC
  Shannon, Sharmeka
  Sharkey, Deirdre
  Shaughnessy II, Richard J.
  SHORM Consulting, LLC
  Smith, Betty
  Solution for Better Living
  StormWind LLC
  TCG Benefits LLC
  Texas Analyst, Inc. (Quorum Report)
  Texas K-12 CTO Council
  Travis Medical Sales Corp. dba Travis Cares
  University of Texas at Austin
  Valley Speech Language and Learning
  Vanish Document Shredding, Inc.
  Walking Classroom Institute
  Wallace, Grisel
  WCA Waste Corporation (Waste Corporation of Texas)
  Witt, Peter
  Write Brain, LLC