2012 CIQ's


Commodity Listing

Auditing Services
Award Jackets, Screen Printing and Embroidery
e-Rate Telecommunication Services
HVAC Equipment & Services
Indoor/Outdoor Athletic Surfaces
Ink Cartridges and Toners
Job Order Contracting Service
Landscape & Maintenance Services

Local Food & Catering Services
Moving and Relocation Services
Professional Development for Austism and Other Special Education Services
Safety & Security Film Installation
Security Monitoring Maintenance and Installation
Technology, Equipment, Service and RI
WIA Consultant

Prospective Vendor Listing

1105 Media, Inc.
Advanced Educational Products, Inc.
AED Superstore
AIM Media Texas Operating LLC.
Alamo Title Company
Alar Institute, Inc.
Alexander, Tammy
Aspen Imaging, Ltd.
Aurora Picture Show
Austin Learning Academy
Award Specialist
Baer, Rebecca
Barker, Sue
Barlow, Kevin L.
Bazyk, Susan
Beatty Bangle Strama PC
Best Plumbing Specialties
Bexar County Auditor
Big Tex Self Storage
Blum, Erica Y.
Boileau, Sebastien (Eyeful Art)
Booker, Cornelius
Brilliance Institute, Inc.
Brothers Business Equipment
Brown, Janice
Bryant, Karen
Bud Griffin Customer Support
Byrd, Stephanie
Calhoun, Fred E.
Career & Recovery Resources Inc.
Castille, Shannon
Cekrezi, Esmeralda
Center for Educational Pathways
Centre Technologies, Inc.
Chancellor, Kimbely
Chancellor, Peggy
Colvin, Elida M.
Commercial Wallcovering Corporation
Communities in Schools
Community Action, Inc. of Central Texas
Consulting and Education Group
Council for Environmental Education
Critical Cooling Services CCS LLC
Critical Infrastructure Solutions CIS LLC
Dalrymple, Angela
Daughtery, Toby Dewayne
Davis, Sue Ann (Sue Davis Communications)
Dempsey, Lisa
Developmental Studies Center
Dinkins Music & Art Foundation
Dionysus Theatre Troupe, Inc.
DK Haney Roofing
DMChuick Consultants, LLC.
DotNetNuke Corporation
Dozier-Kessee, Kymia Shamon
Dunlap, Jessica L.
Ed Koch Plumbing Repair Specialist, Inc.
Educational Textbook Services
Elenco Electronics Inc.
Ellis, Christina
Ensystex, Inc.
Ernst, Carter
Executive Threat Solutions LLC
Express Booksellers
FedEx Office Print and Ship Center
First and Goal Inc.
Fisher, Felicitie
Fort Bend Independent LLC
Gallardo, Gustavo
Gilmore, Felita
Glennan, Joe
Gonzales, Noemi
Gonzalez Jr., Daniel
Goode, Mary Ann
Greer, Andrea L.
Guevara, Rodolfo
Gwilt, Hilary
Halperin, Adam
Harrell, Gary W.
Harris, Con Sandra Jones (Creatively Inspired Communications)
Heebner, Janis L.
Hidalgo, Rosa
Hilton Austin Airport
Hite, Diana
Hodges, Lori G.
Honey Brown Hope Foundation for the Advancement of Cultural Arts
Houston Family Magazine
Hughes, Jennifer B.
Instructional Coaching Group
J&R Consulting, Inc.

Janysek, Debbie
Jobs for the Future Inc.
Katy Visual & Performing Arts Center
Kazen, Meurer & Perez, LLP
Knowbility, Inc.
Krupa, Dion T.
Learning Times, LLC.
Learning Tools
Lyle, Dianne
McGuire, Margaret M.
MDL Enterprise, Inc.
Melonson, Joyce A.
Morris Publishing Group
Morrow, Margaret K. (Peggy Morrow & Associates) Morrow, Rosemary
Mt. Pleasant Dily Tribune
NAMI Metropolitan Houston
Obermeyer, Izel
O'Bryant, Donny R.
Oliphant-Smith, Portia
One Stop Tents & Events
One Voice Texas
Owens, Jimmy E.
Palmer, Alison
Paredez, Laura
Partnership for the Advancement & Immersion of Refugees (PAIR)
Perkins, Rebecca
Philen, Jeffrey
Pluckhahn, Justin
Power Pro-Tech Services, Inc.
Promethean Inc.
Pump Sales, LLC.
Real Meals 365 USA
Redspin, Inc.
Reyes, Annemarie
Ricco, Lesli
Richardson, Izabella
Ricoy, Ronit
Riley, Mildred Carolyn
Rivera Vega Group LLC.
Rodriguez, Isaias C.
Roleplay Reader Incorporated
Rose, Glenda L.
Rosetta Stone Ltd.
Rust, Karen M.
s3strategies, LLC.
Salesnexus LLC.
Same Day Tax Service
San Angelo Standard-Times
Scholastic Book Fairs
Schoonover, Judith
Scott, George H. (GHS Public Policy Consultants)
Select Environmental
Seybold, Mandy
Skyward, Inc.
Sky Zone
Snell, Cletus
Southeast Texas Association of Public Purchasing
Springer, Anita K.
Star Office Products
Starr, Michael T.
Steep Creek Media
Stoneware, Inc.
Storage West
Superwarehouse Business Products, Inc.
Tabor, Charles Edwin
Target Specialty Products
Teacher Created Materials
Templeton Jr., Charles C.
Texas Family Magazine
The SPARK Programs
The Sunrise Institute
TNG Utility Corporation
Tornado Advanced Cleaning Systems USA Corporation
Tropa Z Fitness
Virtuous Star, Inc.
Wakeland, Lorraine
Waters, Betty Anne
Whitford, Sheila
Wichita Falls Time Record News
Wiginton Fire Systems
Williams, Brenda K.
Williams, Deborah A.
Williams-Ledet, Chaney
Wilson, Vivencia C.
Zimmerer Kobota & Equipment, Inc.